Thursday, September 06, 2007

Eke, eke, eke!

In a wild day of finishing stuff, I knit up 2 more panels on the Presto Chango sweater (total of 4 panels, 2 of them are an inch wilder than the others. I hope this will allow the sweater to be worn a little longer. I need to find buttons for it -- 8 buttons.

I also finished up the third strip of the 3 generation afghan. The last square of the variegated yarn just BARELY made it. As in, I had to keep piecing the yarn. I had 4 grams left when all was said and done. That is WAY too little for my comfort! I'm grateful that it eked out. WAY grateful!

I tried to pick up a pair of socks that have fought, kicked, screamed and whined the entire time I've worked on them. I remember trying to start it while traveling to Omaha last Christmas to either pick up or drop off Serena at the airport. Didn't work out, and frogged. Tried again later. Frogged. I believe I picked them up on the Duluth trip after Easter. One sock has about an inch to inch and a half to go until I'm at the toe decreases. The other has just finished the gusset, so a long way to go yet. The stitches slide off my needles at the wiggle of my fingers. Then the yarn splits when I pick them up. I normally knit with 4 needles, on these I really need to use 5 needles. This is the LAST time that I knit with the old Brown Sheep Wildfoote without washing it ahead of time. There is such a diffference in the pre and post wash. I am just NOT enjoying knitting these. I'd like to get them done, it would be another project off the needles and into the "FINISHED" pile. The annoying thing is that I love the color, they will be perfect for me when I'm done...why can't I get these stupid things done!

Tonight is the first meeting of the knitting group. I wonder who will show up and what they will bring to knit. Actually, I wonder what I will bring to knit!

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