Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Knitting what?

Last night I was listening to Harry Potter 7 and spinning along. After a while I decided to take a break from spinning and start knitting. There was a small problem. I didn't have anything on the needles! I have a gauge swatch on one set of needles, but that pattern will have to be re-figured to go with the gauge I'm actually getting.

Later I realized that I do have one other thing on the needles, an angora shawl that has made it to the half-way point. But I do not have any other projects "in process." Something is definitely wrong! I guess I've gone far away from the multiple WIP person I used to be!

But last night, when I wanted to sit back and just knit, it felt almost as if it were an emergency! LOL

Do not cut the tip of the finger when cutting other stuff. Just don't. Maybe it is a good thing I didn't find any knitting projects, as the index finger on the left hand has a band-aid on it! Spinning isn't a problem, but since I knit mainly by feel... typing is difficult -- I don't seem to be hitting the keys clearly.

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