Thursday, September 13, 2007


Many many years ago, I worked in San Francisco's Financial District. I worked with some extremely kind people who were gay or lesbian. The AIDS epidemic struck after Howard graduated. I wonder about my friends. I hope they are doing well. I regret that I didn't keep in contact with them, to know how they are doing. Every once in a while something will come up, and I wonder "How is J doing, or...?"

They were so kind to a young woman who was newly married to someone in full-time graduate studies and working part time to make ends meet. I rode the bus more than an hour each way to work -- there were times that Howard had left for his shift before I got home. There are lots of fun memories associated with them -- tea and lunches. I don't think I could ever be as sartorially correct as J who told me one time (with a twinkle in his eyes) that he never threw ANYTHING out in his wardrobe -- just put it by until the fashion cycle moved around again. The man looked as if he dressed from GQ daily -- he was ELEGANT! Even better, in my opinion, he was KIND!

Regrets are the pits.


Serena said...

You know, if you can remember first and last name, you might be able to look them up online. Try one of the reunion or "people find" sites.

Love you!

AlisonH said...

I've found old friends a number of times, and recently two of them found me! I was hugely delighted that they would want to, and one of them, I'll get to see while I'm back East. I can't wait.

An old friend is not going to be threatened that you were wishing them well, wherever they were. They'll be honored and delighted.