Thursday, September 27, 2007


I've thought about making a Rogue for several years now. As you can see, I finally started one for me. I really like how this is knitting up.

Serena brought yarn back from Ireland for me. It is Tivoli Aran. When she brought it back, I tried to look it up on the web to find the information that is usually on the ball band, but is missing in this case. The only yarn I could find from them was superwash. So, I automatically assumed that it was superwash. Sad but true. You know what happens when you assume.

I have noticed that this yarn is a bit rough for superwash. And it has a sheepy smell. Which is also not a trait of superwash. Last night I looked again at the ball band. It indicates the yarn needs to be hand washed. Well there went the superwash theory! I am so glad that I'm using this for something for me, as opposed for something for the grand-tad!

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