Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Murphy's Triumph

The sad news is that I have declared a victory to Murphy on these socks. I have struggled with them since December. I have had the stitches jump off the needles resembling rats deserting a sinking ship. I have fixed errors and fixed errors.

I had an ah-ha! moment the other day when talking with my friend, sadly blogless Dianne. We were talking about knitting needles, and the fact that not every needle is right for a specific yarn or project. With renewed heart, I picked these socks up today, and knit away, using different needles. Got to the toe of the second foot, to realize that once again I had made a drastic mistake. Not only was there a place in the gusset where a k2tog hadn't taken, and it was beginning to unravel, but worst of all, when I'd picked it up this morning, I had assumed (we know what happens when you do that!) that I'd finished the gusset decreases. In actuality, I hadn't. The sock was way much greater around than my foot. Which is not good for something that needs negative ease! I started to frog back again. I got all the way to the heel, and didn't have the heart to continue.

I loved this color. I really thought it would look great with my other clothes. Unless I buy the yarn again and make a different pair, I won't have this specific color in my wardrobe. Enough is enough.

Perhaps it has to do with the amount of pred singing through my veins (again.) Whatever. This afternoon I decided that a pair of socks that exemplify "anything that can go wrong will" was more than I was willing to complete.

On a more positive note, the 3 generation afghan is finished with the knitting portion. It is now waiting for Howard to crochet around each piece. In discussing this, we decided it will not only be a trans-generation afghan, but, with Howard's input it will become a trans-gender one too! Big grin!

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AlisonH said...

Go Howard! (Think you can come convert my hubby so he'll do that?)