Saturday, September 15, 2007

My new Wheel!

Isn't it beautiful! I love it! We were having "discussions" today, as I wasn't getting the flyer firmly seated, and it would suddenly come flying out at me. Disconcerting, to say the least! But, Howard was able to get it to seat properly. I will keep practicing. I'm spinning Cormo, which isn't the most forgiving fiber I've spun. For the most part it is doing beautifully. I believe all bobbles are user error.

I can see that I will want to purchase a Woolie Winder for this. I'm biased, I loved it on the other wheel, and want it for this one. Other than that, it is perfect! I'm so looking forward to traveling with this.

Even if Mabel and Mary pointed out to me today that trying to spin with it in the car was not one of my wiser ideas. sniffle. That's all right, it will do really well in Colorado with me. I wonder if Tora-chan is still as hopelessly attracted to wool as she was when she lived with us?


Crow Calling Woman said...

OH! What a beauty indeed!! Wooly winder aye? I would love one myself but can't convince myself to pay so much for the thing! LOL
Why not join the Spinning Wheel P0rn flickr group when you get a chance? Post some pictures of yarn in progress on your new beauty!

Serena said...

You know, you do have a room with a door at my house. Because yes, your grand-cat is still fixated with wool. And even if TC wasn't, Titania LOVES all things that could be toys.