Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today I've spent spinning. It was FUN! I had to figure out a new Lazy Kate, it took a bit, but I managed to spin up all of one fiber that I'd prepped up. I decided to put the rest of the Cormo aside until later, and am spinning up bits of this and that which I had on hand. Clearing up the fier stash! Whee!

I do have to admit an embarrassing mistake. I washed some gorgeous yarn that my knit buddy had spun up. (She told me it needed to be washed.) I rinsed and rinsed. Suddenly realized that this yarn has firestar. Well duh! Those weren't bits of bubbles from the soap I used, it was the glitter added to the yarn! grin

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AlisonH said...

Cool. Maybe I should quick, go spin up that gorgeous silk/merino in blue that I bought at Stitches (um, like, three years ago) before heading to TKGA on Friday. You're reminding me what gorgeous yarn it would make, thank you for that.