Sunday, September 23, 2007

knitting along

I believe the caption on this one should be, perhaps "living dangerously!" How long before it collapses without its internal support? I managed to finish the sweater before that happened, though.

This shows the new wheel and the 2 completed sweaters. I've done my best to fix the colors -- these aren't pastels but "IN YOUR FACE!" colors. Easy for Mom to see at a glance from across the play yard! And exactly as requested -- bright green and bright yellow. Well, who knows if it is exactly what the girls each had in mind, my idea of Lellow and Beth's might be different! Same with Sian's and green!

On an aside, why is it that I can clear the field of all obstructions when I get ready to take a shot, and then realize I've left SOMETHING in? Each individual picture of the sweaters has the toe of a shoe sticking in there somewhere! sigh

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