Monday, September 17, 2007

One of Life's Little Mysteries

Remember how I've joked the last few days about not bringing along the size 6 circular to start Beth's sweater? I bought one Friday. Can I find it now? Not a chance. I've looked several times yesterday and today, but it has taken a powder. I am sure it will smugly appear soon, just as soon as I have the bottom ribbing finished on this. Or perhaps it will even wait long enough to be absent when I start the ribbing in Sian's. Who knows. But it is missing.

I heaved a massive sigh this mornng, and switched off the needles in my Options kit, so I'd have size 6s on, instead of the 8s for the body. I don't know why I hesitated to do it -- takes but moments and I love the needle tips. Once I'm past the ribbing, I'll continue to use one size 6 tip and one size 8 while I'm going round and round, so the stitches feed off the needles easier. Once I get to knitting back and forth I'll switch to 2 size 8 needles so I don't get a gauge issue.

May you find the things that are missing in YOUR life today!

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