Sunday, September 09, 2007

My family understands me

Yesterday we were driving home from a fun visit with Nathan and Kim. On the way, the following phone call occurred:

Howard: Serena, Mom is nebbing, so she can't talk, but she needs you to look in your first Barbara Walker book and find Mistake Welt or Quaker Welt. (to me -- she has to find the book first.)

Howard: (to me) she doesn't see those, but sees Wager Welt.
Me: That's it.
Howard: That's what she wants, she needs to know how to do it.
Instructions followed.
Howard: Thanks honey, have a good day. Mom thanks you too!

Wonder how many families would understand?

With a total of 10+ hours in the car over 2 days, I accomplished a lot on the 3 generation afghan. Finished the 4th strip, and am tootling along on the 5th. Still talking about how to put it together. I'd hoped to find a green that I could use for an edging, none that I saw really did a good job cooperating. I did buy cream, but also realized I'll have enough of both purple dye lots to combine them and do a crochet edging around each strip in 2 strands (one of each dye lot.) Then perhaps mattress stitch the edgings together?

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AlisonH said...

I can just picture it! Howard's a good one.