Saturday, September 15, 2007

Um, Possibilities

Isn't this a wonderful array of possibilities? I've been thinking in those terms ever since I walked in the fabric store while visiting Nathan and Kim. There were just so many things this wonderful collection could BECOME! It can be this or that or the other. It is up to me to choose wisely (fitting fabric to pattern correctly) and then sew well.

Some of the fabrics seemed to be really out of character for me. Yet they sang to me. They called to be brought home. And, as you can see, they did. They are all now washed, ready for me to make the final decisions. As the ad says, "Umm, ... possibilities!"

Speaking of possibilities, I really that one of the reasons I really don't knit with my handspun is again possibilities. As long as it hasn't been knit up, it remains in the realm of "possibilities." It could be A or B or C. All of it is up to me. BUT if I knit it up it is now fixed. It is no longer a maybe, and a dream.

Perhaps I need to learn to move on from dreaming

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