Tuesday, July 19, 2005

And the Yarn Goes On!

Last night I almost finished the Short Rows Scarf. I tried to bind off twice, but wasn't happy with the results. It just was too tight. I finally gave up, and decided to do it in the morning when I was fresher. Right.

Those who know me will realize the measure of desperation in that I actually crocheted the bind-off. I don't DO crochet. Howard learned to crochet when he was in grad school after (as he tells the story) I threw the third "teach yourself to crochet" magazine against the wall in disgust. I just didn't get it. So, while I commuted back and forth to work an hour each day, he learned to crochet. It has been a very amicable relationship. He has made blankets for both kids, taught crocheting, whatever he wanted to do with it. Whenever any crocheting has needed to be done, I've handed it off to him. Unfortunately, he can't do it right now. And I wanted to finish the scarf. I can't tell you what I did to finish it, because I don't know the terms. It is done. I did the stitch on the needle with the one on the hook, and then did an extra stitch for looseness before taking the next one off the needle.

Maile donated a pattern to several lists yesterday. There was still yarn left over after two scarves. This yarn would be such a terrible thing to waste! So, I started another narrow scarf with the leftovers. After all, only 14 stitches, continued until I run out of yarn. Um, I think I'm in avoidance of other knitting! While I waited as chauffeur for Howard, I got this much done! After all, how many times do you get 3 scarves out of $24 worth of silk/rayon yarn?


gina said...

love the little scarf! Where is the pattern again!?!?

fiberfanatic said...

if you mean the scarf that I started yesterday, Maile posted it to the knitlist, dishcloth, and knitted-lace lists on the 18th. I've asked permission to put it in the Knitlist gift files.