Monday, July 11, 2005

Happy Birthday Annette!

Happy Birthday to Annette -- my sister -- my best friend as I grew up!
Annette loves cats and gives them a great home life. Her cats live a LONG time. Well, not all of them, but a lot of them. Right now she and Steve are owned by Jezebel and Cheshire.

She has a MS in geology, and made geology fascinating for both my children. When Serena was in college, she took a geology class, and was quite disappointed because the prof made it so boring!

Serena and Nathan called her Ant Net -- before they could read she would sign her notes to them with a pen and ink drawing of an ant carrying a net.

I owe an immense debt to Annette, as she does the day to day support for our parents. They take care of themselves, but there are still many other things that need doing that Annette does, cheerfully.


and for a change of pace, here is Annette and Steve, outside of their house after a bad snowstorm! It is so HOT here, and there too, I thought the picture of snow might be a refreshing change. Annette's car had actually been buried entirely by the storm, something she didn't find amusing at the time. The car was just a mound of snow in the midst of all the rest of the snow.

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