Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday thoughts

Well the hat is done. No shots of it, because it is extremely annoying to photograph. The nature of the beast, but still. I'll be sending it to Heather when she returns. Fun to knit, not tedious, very different, because you really don't "see" what the pattern is doing. From the inside, after a while. On the outside, if you hold it just right, or from across the room. As I was trying to take a picture, I'd see it in the camera, and it wouldn't turn out in the final shot. Even more fun than trying to photograph babies! grin Very different to think about, as each row on the chart takes 4 rows to knit.

So, after a couple of days away playing with the hat, I'm back to Serena's sweater. I'll take Dora's sweater with me to knitting group tomorrow, though, because it is easier to pick up and put down. Serena's will be in a cable row, and that will take a bit more concentration.

Have you seen the neat projects Lion Brand is doing to teach children to knit? Pocket Pals, and, while I don't think they are wonderful for the first project, as they involve fun fur, they'd be great for later projects!
Mouse, or Duck, or Bunny, and now, learn to change colors with a skunk! Wouldn't that be a great 4-H project, a year in animals! Wonder if a child could avoid playing with them for that long, though?

I'm going to have to find some corn-free baking powder. We were able to track down the migraine of the last 4 days to that. Howard had made biscuits, and we were eating them instead of bread. The migraines didn't stop, even with the migraine medications. So, no more baking powder for me. We'll try baking soda with cream of tartar, and I guess I'll have to do some more web sleuthing.

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