Sunday, July 10, 2005


Nathan and Kim had Lasik surgery Friday. It is something that seems beyond my understanding. I'm thrilled for them. They went in yesterday morning, and both of them are 20/20 without their glasses. They drove home, reading street signs, reading whatever they wanted, without correction. I'm jealous. It seems like science fiction to me. No contact lenses or glasses. Just their own eyeballs. And sunglasses. Asimov postulated it for many centuries in the future, and here they just did it! I would guess that eventually they'll have to wear reading glasses, but heck, still no daily contact lenses or glasses to read is fantastic! I bet they have to get their drivers licenses changed right away to reflect the fact that you no longer need corrective lenses!

By the way, I did call the doctor about the asthma. I'm using the nebulizer three times a day right now. sigh Part of the problem is that our doctors are based in Ames and travel to Webster City. I'm seeing the neurologist tomorrow, so the pulmonologist couldn't get my chart to see what has happened in the past. I have an appointment in 2 weeks. If things don't start getting better, I'll call back AFTER my chart is back in Ames. I'd forgotten that they wouldn't be able to get my chart when I called.

The scarf is growing, a lot of fun, because the short rows make it feel as if there isn't that much knitting to do before another section is behind you. I like to listen to books on tape/cd while doing it.

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Anonymous said...

From see to shining see... Congratulations to them on the new eyesight!

--Alison in Palo Alto