Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Well, rats

I think that sums up several things for yesterday and today.

I frogged (ripped out) about 40 rows on the hat. I wrote down the verbal instructions, so didn't check the written ones when they came through. They didn't match. 40 rows later, it was quite obvious I had a problem. The pattern was not showing up. My fault, as I would have seen it by reading the written instructions. rats I am enjoying knitting the shadow or illusion knitting, thank goodness. I'd wondered if I would.

I checked out a glorious fleece. It would have spun up into a beautiful laceweight. Problem was, it was so infested with vegetable matter, I don't think I would have ever gotten it clean, no matter what I did. It looked clean. When I shook it, nothing fell out. Pulling it a bit nothing came out. But lifting it to the light, suddenly it looked as if there was an entire sub-culture caught in the fleece, which didn't want out. Which meant that in processing it, I would evenly distribute it throughout the wool, and it wouldn't escape. rats

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