Friday, July 15, 2005

Happy 32nd Anniversary Howard!

Howard and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary yesterday! Wow! Still doesn't seem nearly that long! We agreed that we would do it over again, but it would be nice if we could skip some of the "interesting bits" that we'd found over the years. We'll keep the kids, though! LOL We tried to take a picture with the camera of the two of us, but it is kind of hard to do that when you can't see the view finder while you do it. There's a good picture of my eye though!

Mom and Dad celebrated 62 in June, we celebrated 32, and Annette and Steve celebrate 22 in December. Nathan and Kim "jumped ship" and celebrated 3 in May. sigh. We TRIED to get them to wait a year, so they'd be in synch with the rest of us, but they refused. LOL

Howard's arm is mobile (?) enough now that 4 weeks on he can type on the computer. He has to be careful of WHERE the computer is placed, but if he keeps the upper arm at his side, he can do it! Here he is typing away! You will notice the sling is off. That is not for long periods of time, but it is allowed under controlled conditions.

On a different front, Howard and I are still working on shedding weight, kind of easy in this heat! Who wants to eat! I really thought I'd stalled out, not paid close attention since his surgery, but not being hungry and not snacking works too!


Rachel said...

Hope you had a nice day
I lost 2lbs this week think it was the hot weather here!

Jan said...


I also use the project indicators you have on your site but where did you find the sheep, ball of yarn and the shawl that are on your site!? I would love to add them to mine if you can tell me where they are available.

Thank you,

Jan said...

Woops.. guess I had better tell you how to fime me to let me know about the indicators... I can be found at


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, Mary and Howard!

--Alison in Palo Alto