Monday, July 04, 2005


The body of Dora's sweater is done, to the cut and slash point. Now to knit the sleeves! When done, I will cut them all apart, sew them together, and then add the edging. I'm pretending I'm a machine on this one, because of the migraine problems. It is good migraine knitting. You know, when you can't knit anything else because of the migraine, knit round and around without looking. That way, I get progress, without guilt!

The second pi sleeve is progressing nicely. Hopefully pictures tomorrow.

Howard's shoulder is not amused by the heat. We will be having several road trips in the next bit, with his job, so we will see what knitting I take with me to work on while he is in meetings. Such a shame, I have to take my knitting with me! Of course, I have to drive, so there goes that perfectly good knitting time! LOL

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