Saturday, July 02, 2005

Kim and Nathan's Visit! LOTS of Pictures

Well, since a lot of people haven't visited, and there were a lot of laughs while Kim and Nathan (our youngest child and his wife) were here Friday evening and this morning, I decided to post pictures, and not do a lot of cropping. This way, you get a better idea of the surroundings.

They decided to bring down a captains bed so they could be comfortable when they stayed. Actually, I believe their reasoning was so they could have more room in their spare bedroom/office, and WE could have the bed in OUR house. The captains bed had been in their bedroom, there was a passing comment made about how much more room they now have in there with it gone. The spare bedroom is now an office without a bed, when they have company, an air mattress will suffice, which has been our methodology for several years (one of those heavy duty ones that is a foot high so quite comfortable.) The first picture is Kim in the back of her Dad's pickup truck, trying to retrieve the stuff that had slid all the way to the front after the 5 hour drive. She has gotten it all out, and is now trying to get out. Couldn't let a photo op go to waste, could I? After that, I handed the camera to Howard, and helped carry stuff in.

The big pieces were carried by Kim and Nathan, they wouldn't let me help. By the way, I'm carrying the bedrail at right. I wish you could have looked in on the two of them trying to get the queen size box spring up the stairs. When the house was remodeled in the 60s, the designer forgot to think about moving anything big. So, there is an area with a short ceiling, followed by an area with a tall ceiling. Four steps up, right turn, six steps up, right turn, eights steps up, left turn. So, it was an "interesting" time, with a lot of laughter, as the box spring slowly went up the stairs to go into the room. In contrast, the mattress, which bends, zipped up the stairs.

The two of them celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary May 25th, and couldn't decide when they were coming to visit, so we held off mailing their present. I had it packaged to mail, but just in case... It was protected by lots and lots of styrofoam peanuts. I'm not sure what provoked it, even though I was there, but suddenly, the peanuts were flying at each other. sigh I guess our kids never grow up, do they! LOL When they were done with the styrofoam peanut fight, they did pick them all up.

I got a photo of Nathan, Kim, and Howard. Nathan, who hates having his picture taken, didn't cooperate. So, for Annette, who complains about bad her pictures, I'm providing Nathan's bad picture. Even if he DID do it deliberately.

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