Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Scarf #3 is Done!

We are going to consider the skein of yarn to be finished. There is just a small ball of yarn left. Not enough to make anything else. Yes, I probably could have continued knitting on the scarf, but I didn't. Enough if enough. As it is, I think that one skein of yarn did yeoman's service, to provide 3 scarves! At the moment, scarf 3 is drying in Serena's room, also known as the Northern Lights room. (Because she painted the Northern Lights on the north and south ceilings in glow in white paint and then highlighted it in glow in the dark paint. Some of the stars in the "sky" also glow in the dark. Right now, in such hot weather, it is really a cool feeling room! Looking at the picture, I need to pat a couple of places more into shape. Funny how you can see it in a picture better than you can in real life!

Scarves 2 and 1 are arrayed on the bed in Nathan and Kim's room. It doesn't have an alternate name. I figured that I'd put all three scarves together on the bed when dry to prove that I achieved 3 completed scarves from the yarn. That I didn't take a picture and frog one of them before going on to knit another scarf from the same yarn. Anyway, I noticed that this picture looks as if the 2 scarves have formed a person who is dancing. Or maybe the heat is getting to me. That could be too! Of course, it isn't the heat, it is the humidity, right?

There was this terrible sinking realization today that I've not kept up on my knitting tally. The list of all I've knit this year. Better do that soon, before I forget any more! It is the only way I have to remember! I've been keeping track since I crushed my wrist in 95. Doctor said I wouldn't be able to knit again. I said "watch me!"

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