Sunday, July 10, 2005


I'm making progress on my ribbed scarf. Finally realized (duh!) that the pattern is in groups of 3, which makes it possible to put down the pattern and just knit. When there are 3 consecutive knit rows on the side you are working on, you switch to purl. And vice versa. So each rib consists of 3 rows. Easy to look and see how many you have currently on the needle. Yet it looks impressive. Need to pay some attention because you are turning the work constantly, but hey, it is good for listening to a book on tape. Here is my progress as of this afternoon when I took a picture of it. Had one of the knitting group over to start a scarf for fair, as she won't be finishing her sweater in time. She brought 3 skeins of Lion Brand Boucle and size 13 needles. In less than 4 hours she had close to 20 inches knit! While I was photographing her scarf for her Fair Book, I snapped a shot of my scarf too, so it wouldn't feel unloved.

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