Monday, July 25, 2005

Baa, Baa 4-H Sheep

Howard came home yesterday, and asked me rather hesitantly if I'd looked outside. I'd BEEN outside, briefly, so I thought it a funny question. He started looking out various windows, trying to show me something, and finally realized that what he had seen on his way home from church wasn't visible from the windows of the house. He finally had me go outside and look. This is what I saw.

Scott had been by, and had left EIGHT trash bags of fleece! From what I could tell, looking quickly (I was barefoot, and the heat index was already brutal) at least some of the bags seem to have more than one fleece. As in, there was a white area, and next to it was a grey area. To me, that seems to say two. In touching, the grey was not dirt. grin I moved the bags into the garage, out of the weather.

Tomorrow is scheduled to be cool. I hope to take each bag out individually, so I can gloat, er, discover what I have. Then I'll skirt each fleece aggressively, and put it in its own bag. I know they have rambouillets, suffolks, and I don't remember the other breeds. Last year's mix had everything from somewhat coarse to laceweight.

Then it was in to the cool of the house, and in to my nest in the couch. I tend to knit in the corner of the couch, and when doing a complicated pattern, listen to a book on tape. Right now I'm listening to "Wizard on Holiday" by Diane Duane. I managed to get 1/5 of the body of the sweater finished, which is a nice milestone. There are 5 repeats of one pattern, finished the first one yesterday. So, it is moving along.

And started a shadow knitting project yesterday, just for fun. Never done it before. I'll let you know when I'm finished what I think. It hasn't appealed to me in the past, but I'm test knitting a pattern for a friend, so there you go. The crown of the hat is done. It is all one color, so nothing to see.

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Anonymous said...

HOLY COW!! What a must have jumped up and down, like an yo-yo!*LOL*


Helle, Denmark