Sunday, July 31, 2005

I made a little list

Today I made a list -- to prioritize my knitting. To my surprise, I didn't actually do it. I made the list, and the only thing that happened was I put a note beside the Sleeves in Your Pi -- finish it, damnit! So, that is going to be the next push. The second sleeve was finished tonight. I'll start the lace edging on the first sleeve tomorrow. I'd promised to start knitting the sleeves in January, and had almost finished the first sleeve, I think, when I was hit by the migraines. I think there is a part of me that still associates this knitting with pain. Right now I want to get this finished and out of the house.

This is a project that does NOT benefit by heavier yarn in a lace pattern. When blocked, it is going to be a smaller size than the sports weight yarn I used for Serena's version. It is a lush yarn, but still... Knitter's choice.

Dora's sweater is about 1/2 up to the sleeves. Serena's is toddling along. I have a challenge to come up with a footie pattern from a purchased socklet. Nancy's yarn needs to be wound into balls and started for her vest. Sharon's socks would be good mindless knitting... All things on the "to do" list. But first, I will finish this. It is time. Another project off my back and off the needles.

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