Monday, July 18, 2005

Knitting Along

Some days, I think you start with an idea, and it takes off on you. I didn't document as it was happening, but I hope to show you in mid-progress and as it finishes up.

I still had enough silk/rayon left over from
Heritage Yarns to make another scarf. This ball hadn't been touched yet. It wasn't part of the Clapotis frogging or anything else. It was begging to be used up before I went on to another project. I was also thinking about Sally Melville's Shape-It Scarf, but didn't want to pull the book off the shelf and read the directions. Um, never the best way to start a project. Especially in the heat. But, there I was. So, fingering weight yarn in hand, size 5 circulars, and no plan. Cast on 300 stitches. Actually thought I cast on 400, but there you go. Life happens sometimes. Even when you place markers after every 25 stitches. With a really slippery yarn, when you use too small of a circular, it is hard to see when the row starts and ends, I guess. Whatever, when I knit the first row, the awful truth smacked me in the face. I had 300 stitches instead of 400. Of course, I hadn't done a gauge swatch, so I didn't know if it was going to work or not. On I went, deciding I wasn't going to stop at that point.

Started short row shaping a la Sally, only at the start of the scarf instead of the end, until 1/3 of the stitches were consumed. Looking at it, I thought it could have gone a lot further, or I could stop it there and do something else. I decided to try something else.

12 rows of garter stitch followed, which will give it a good "border". This was good for reading while knitting, which prevented the boredom which would have presented much sooner otherwise.

I then broke into another short row theme, a 10 stitch row, which shows off the yarn, and lightens the scarf a lot. Again, because it is so repetitive, I can read while I'm doing it. Every once in a while I get lost and have to check, but with such short rows, it is easy to fix any errors.

Then I'll go back to 12 rows of garter, and be done!

We had RAIN last night! .7 of an inch, which is wonderful, after too long without it! We lay in bed and listened to the thunder and the rain. I suspect everyone around did the same. The forecasters have been talking drought recently, so this was welcome!

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