Monday, January 29, 2007


Looking through the stash -- I saw something very unpleasant. Look at this cone of yarn -- see all of the ends? That is NOT how it is supposed to be! Rats! I am not a happy camper! It is the only yarn in stash that shows signs of any problem, but STILL. I tried to wind off some yarn to see if I could salvage it, but it breaks too often for that.

Because of that, last night I did THIS! All of my yarn and fleece stash is outside. It is supposed to be very cold for the next while, so I'll leave it outside for 3 days, bring it in a bit at a time for a couple of days for it to warm up and allow the critters to start to hatch, and then I'll take it outside again. A couple of repeats of this, and I should be in much better shape. I miss the chest freezer! All of the fleece would have been stored it it, as well as quite a bit of yarn. Yes, it was a LARGE freezer. As you can see, I was lazy when I took it all outside, and didn't go any further than I had to. You may also be able to see that it was snowing slightly today.

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