Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Well, I flew out here so Serena could have Lasik surgery. It was scheduled for today, with yesterday a pre-op appointment. We got there, and they announced that her appointment had been cancelled in OCTOBER and hadn't let her know. So, she can have surgery next week, if she wants. As the doctor only operates on Tuesdays, and they don't have room for her. I'm flying home Friday! We are not happy campers. Nathan suggested she call someone else, she has an appointment with them this afternoon. We don't know if she can have it done while I'm still here or not. This is not amusing.

Tora-chan, the cat that has owned Serena the longest has decided that I am an acceptable substitute for Serena while she is gone. As soon as she gets home, of course, all attention reverts to her original slave. As it is, I have had a cat on my shoulders or my lap off and on today. Nice, as the computer area is COLD!

I had to frog about 3 inches of lace-weight knitting yesterday, I dropped a stitch and couldn't get it to correct. sigh RIP!

We drove by the new location for the scrapbook/yarn store Sunday it was closed. No problem, it was open yesterday, so I bought the size 9 double points I need to start Serena's sweater. I also bought 2 skeins of sock yarn that called my name and 1 skein of Paton's Soy Silk that wants to be a camera cozy, to protect it while it is in my purse. Gee, and we didn't take a lot of time there. LOL She has just started carrying yarn, but had a nice collection. Interesting, she has the yarn in color groups, instead of yarn types. Makes it easy to blend yarns of the same color group. A little harder to see what she has in any particular yarn. Not a problem, I'm sure one can ask as well as look. It is a very pretty display.

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