Wednesday, January 03, 2007

An interesting phone call

I received a phone call today from a teacher in the town south of us. She is teaching several groups to knit, and needs help now that they have progressed beyond basic scarves. I've been asked to come teach the oldest of the groups, who will in turn teach the younger groups. The students started this as enrichment, and are eager to progess. They have mentioned mittens, sweaters and hats to her as their next projects. She would like to improve her skills as well. This should be fun! We will meet after I get back from visiting Serena next week. Right now we've tentatively scheduled once a week for a while, for about 40 minutes a time. Fiber Enablers R Us!

I may not be able to post pictures for the next little bit, unless I can persuade Serena to take them for me. We'll see. I will take my camera with me, and upload photos when I get home. After all, I'm visiting my daughter and her two cats! There should be SOME photos!

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