Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I am on the phone waiting to hear if my plane ticket change went through. They were supposed to call me back in 5 minutes -- two hours ago. Small detail, I'm sure, but since I've also not gotten an e-mail confirmation, it is worrisome.

Serena now has an appointment for her eye surgery on Wednesday Next Week. So, I've been on the phone this morning trying to make changes --of course next week is the one week when I really had things scheduled. Oh well, she is worth it. I'm not that fond of the dentist anyway! And no, the surgery is not with the same group. Let's not go there in this discussion. She is going to write a letter of complaint.

I did manage to turn a heel yesterday while waiting at the doctor office. So I'm doing a bit of knitting. I THINK I'm going to try to start her sweater today. Or something. I seem to be in the middle of project dithering. So many things to start!


The Spindling Scot said...

If you can turn a heel in a doctors waiting room, you can do anything! Power to your elbow ;-)


wheezeybouncer said...

so, did you get your plane ticket sorted out?