Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday thoughts

I'm still in Colorado, and it has turned COLD! My goodness! It really encourages one to stay inside, out of the cold. And to curl up with a blanket over the legs to stay warm. Luckily, Serena has blankets around just for that. The cats help when they curl up on my lap too. I don't know if it is because they like me so much, or whether they are cherishing the warmth I generate! LOL I suspect that it is the latter, honestly.

I bought the Paton's SWS (soy wool stripes) earlier in the week, and made up a little purse/bag to carry my new digital camera (the kids gave it to me for Christmas.) It didn't come with a carrying case, and I was concerned that it would be damaged, especially as I like to tuck it into my purse. I felted the bag into shape, and then will line it with some foam that cushioned something that came in the mail. I put a short carry strap on it, and made it to fasten with a button. Of course, pictures here (and the button) have to wait until I'm home again.

With that done, I got the oomph to start the socks for Margaret again. I'm doing the gusset on the first. At least I'm knitting again. Titania (Serena's new cat) thinks the yarn looks to be a wonderful toy. Tora-chan lived with us long enough to know better. She looks at it a bit longingly from time to time, then moves away. Smart cat. wink Don't get between me and the yarn! Titania also thinks the new bamboo needles I bought are fascinating. It is unfortunate that my first reaction to her is always "MINE" instead of "NO!" sigh What does that say about me? Or should we not go there?

I am finding that I really love
Knitpicks Options double point needles. Looking at the site to give you the link, I see that they have increased the size range. When they first came out, the needles were only available up to size 3. Now the metal ones go up to size 11! I am finding that the 2 sets of size 0 just aren't enough for me, as I want them for both pairs of socks that I'm working on, and they just don't stretch that far. So I have 2 of those needles on one sock, 3 on another... I supplement them with the Inox grey double points, which were my favorite until I chanced on the Options.


Allena said...

oh bummer on the cold. i was wondering how the SWS was like to knit with. i can't wait to see your bag!

AlisonH said...

Brrr. California feels so cold right now, but Colorado... My brother lives in Castle Rock and got eight foot drifts after just the first storm there. I should stop complaining right now about my pipes freezing up night after night.

Meantime, I got quite the laugh out of your saying Mine instead of No. So you're staking out territory rather than proclaiming dominance. The cats must be much amused.