Monday, January 08, 2007


Well, here I am in Colorado, with wonderful scenery all around. This morning, while drinking my tea, a hawk flew into the tree right outside the window. Wow! So close I could see the markings on the feathers! Outside is white, white, white, as there has been 85 inches of snow here since Christmas. A lot of it has melted, but Friday's snow as I arrived certainly is around! Last night we had high winds, but the only affects I see are a lot of pine needles on the ground, and some small branches. Whew! As they were predicting 100 mph winds, I think we were very lucky.

I'm going to see if I can get a ride to the knitting group here Thursday morning. Still working on that. It would be fun.

Speaking of snow, we weren't able to get to the Brown Sheep Outlet Friday, the roads didn't have great visibility in Denver, and we worried about the open stretches up to Nebraska. Perhaps as well, we were rear-ended as we left the freeway to go to Barnes and Noble. Serena stopped at a light, the person behind didn't. Serena had some bumper damage, the person behind creased her license plate severely. We were all very lucky! The roads were icy in many areas.

Not much knitting accomplished, I've been wheezy. First time that has happened when I'm here. Usually I'm so much better here. pout


wheezeybouncer said...

hey! give serena a hug from me!

geina x

Anonymous said...


Good to hear that you are safe and sound. I've been watching the weather and wondered about your trip. Less wheezing and more knitting time I say. Say hi to serena. Dianne

gail said...

Hi Mary!
Gail from Evergreen, CO here! Hope you get this before Thursday. The Scrapbook Depot where the knitting group meets has moved. Not far -- just a couple blocks south to the Canyon Commons area. It is on the frontage road south of the Safeway complex and adjacent to Hwy 74. It is next to Master Printers and has been renamed Scrapbooks and Yarn. (That might be Scrapbooking and Yarn)She moved on New Year's Day so we've only been in the new location one week. Hope to see you Thursday.