Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Secret Pal 9

Wow, I received the most marvellous box from my Secret Pal 9 partner -- Kitman. Just look at the goodies! Please forgive the angora fuzz from my sweater. I got cold, and put it on, didn't think my camera would find it. You know how angora fuzz gets EVERYWHERE, don't you? LOL

There are 5 skeins of a Ella Rae Classic wool in a gorgeous warm taupe. I've not seen this yarn before. There are 219 yards per 100 gr. skein, I'd call it a worsted weight. I'm thinking vest for me.

Two wonderful organza butterflies. Just perfect for adding a certain "whee!" to the room. Right now they are decorating my bulletin board, I'm sure they will fly to other places in the house. One bronze, the other is silver.

There are 4 fun stitch markers, metal with enamel flowers. They have a little something inside to make them jingle. So fun!

Jan Eaton's "Knitted Lace". Maybe Kitman and I can work on one of these projects at the same time? She makes the most beautiful lace.

3 packages of Altoids Cinnamon Gum. This is one of the few candies I've found that does NOT have corn or soy. Yay!

Thank you so much, Kitman!

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Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

Good to know that the package was safely arrived and you like them. I have so much fun in SP9 and i am very happy to have a new knitter friend like you. Lets knit more beautiful things in yr 2007!!!