Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh Bother!

There was a loud CRASH this morning, and then Howard said something like "Oh for crying out loud!" Of course I ran to see. The bookcase in our room had fallen forward, cascading books all over our floor. It took some time to pick them all up, sort them (of course the books by the same author did NOT stay together as they fell!) and put them back. Now, the odd part? I don't remember that we had any shelf in this bookcase with a double layer of books. Yet, when we put the books BACK, there were a lot of books that didn't fit. So we have the chic new look in bookcases -- the layered look! How did THAT happen? Is there some law of physics that I don't know that accounts for it? You know, when it happened, I was in the process of reorganizing another bookcase -- putting one author's books in chronological order. I don't know that I'm going to continue that task -- it might not be safe! LOL I believe the word for this is drat.

On a more pleasant note, here is my camera bag, complete with the little button. Dianne, my knit buddy, sent me some wonderful orange recycled glass buttons. As I started thinking about a button for this, I wondered... It is perfect for this! Now to think of a project to use the other 7! LOL I knit this in the round, starting at the bottom. The yarn is Paton's SWS and it didn't take much yarn.

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lisabeth said...

Not the books!! When I moved last time, it took me forever to get the books on my shelf just right, and now it's so full I"m contemplating another one. Good luck!