Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Deer! Nature up here

I was sitting in the living room this morning, reading, and something caught my eye. A deer walked by the front window, and started eating one of the bushes in the front yard. A male deer, his horns looked to be about 4-6 inches long. According to on-line research (grin) it was a mule deer. Males shed their horns in December, so he was growing them again. He stayed for a while, then moseyed up the hill, where his grey coloration helped him blend in and disappear. A bit later he went bounding through the front yard toward the back of the house. Tora-chan was not impressed, and didn't bother to move. Titania did watch for a while, but found the birds on the patio to be much more interesting. I've seen magpies, crows, Stellar Jays, sparrows, hawk (didn't see it closely enough to identify the species) by sitting in the house. I have a picture of the tracks on the patio in the fresh snow, they were BUSY one day!

Titania went to the vet yesterday, what a different cat than I'm used to being around! She didn't really like getting in the cat carrier, but gave in when I insisted. She didn't make any noise until we were in the truck with Serena, then she voiced some quiet complaints, but that was it. Tora-chan does NOT like being in a vehicle, and will let all in a 100 yard radius know -- in a voice that will shatter glass. Anyway, Titania wasn't happy with the vet checking her sore ear (she got scratched and it became infected) but she allowed it. When we got home, an even greater miracle occurred -- SHE TOOK HER PILLS WITHOUT A FIGHT! We have NEVER had a cat do that. In fact, the whole family still bears the scars from Shadow, who deeply resented even the THOUGHT of taking medicine. It took 2 to medicate Shadow, and even then she frequently spit the pill out even after we had held her mouth closed for several minutes. Liquid medicine she refused to swallow, preferring to foam at the mouth instead of taking it. Yet Titania swallowed 2 pills down without a fuss. I was bemused with the experience. By late evening, Titania was back to her regular self, racing around the house and demanding snuggles. I think Tora-chan was offended that I took Titania and then had the nerve to bring her back. I think she had hopes -- she ignored me all evening. LOL


Anonymous said...

Wow! She took the pills without a fuss! What type of cat is she? I would pay good money for a cat like that! ALP

AlisonH said...

I laughed a good one at your having the nerve to bring *that cat* back into the house. How dare you.

How funny!

lisabeth said...

I just can't imagine a well behaved cat! Mine attacks me just for walking by, let alone taking her to the vet. I believe I'm almost speechless.