Saturday, January 22, 2005

does "I can't think of a good title" count?

Today has been difficult. I need to call the pharmacy, right now I have 3 different meds to be taken before I eat, each at a different time, with an obligation not to eat (or drink with one of them) for a time after. I could handle it when it was 1/2 hour, followed by 1 hour. But now it is 1 hour, 1/2 hour, 1 hour! The morning is gone! Not really, but by the time I can eat, it seems that it isn't long before Howard comes home for lunch! Not practical!

The new sweater/vest is coming along, probably 12" along. If I don't have enough yarn, it will be a vest, if I do, it will be a sweater. How is that for easy decision making? I'd prefer a sweater, but there are only 10 skeins of the brown. I'm on the third. That is setting off alarm bells in my brain.

We had WIND last night, luckily the only thing that came down was a bunch of small branches. No bigger ones this time, I guess they came down in the last one. We had sustained winds of 30-40 mph for hours, gusts to 60 mph, blew up in the night, and lasted the rest of it. Just for more interest, the power kept flickering. Kind of an interesting combination!

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Anonymous said...

As on Becca's page I do an Anon post! I am not going to blog... chanting. The vest looks wonderful!! Those two yarns just sing together in the picture and I bet they look even better "in person"!