Sunday, January 16, 2005

I detest Fair Isle

Well, another cold day has gone by, it is supposed to start warming up Tuesday. Whee! I frogged the second attempt at Princess Line. darn it. Gorgeous sweater, but I do NOT like Fair Isle. Not, not, not. I went so far as to decide that I might as well sell all my Fair Isle knitting books -- why keep them, using up space, if someone else could use and enjoy them! Pulled out a stack to go. Checked with Serena, she doesn't want them. So, more things that can be let go without a qualm. While I was at it, I also pulled out Handwovens. They might as well go too. Sheesh, I had better be careful, or I'll start spring cleaning early! Nah, I doubt it.


Maryellen said...

Hi : before you toss the far isle stuff try Alice Stamore's two handed two color knitting video. It helped me greatly.


fiberfanatic said...

I tried. Several times. Finally threw in the towel