Thursday, January 27, 2005

More pictures tomorrow, I promise!

A wonderful thing happened today -- Howard's great-grandmother's quilt returned home! Repaired! It isn't a pretty quilt, it was a scrap quilt, making the best use of every single scrap they had available. The colors are well worn, and it has been patched. But you know, it is special. I had tears leaking down my face when the lady explained how the quilt had attached itself to her heart too, as she realized the work, the care, and the effort that had gone into it. For a miracle, she was able to find some fabric that looks exactly like the way the backing has aged, so you can't tell where the new pieces are. She also covered the corner blocks with tulle, because the stress was really telling on it. I'll do pictures tomorrow, including some of the tattered pieces removed.

Then, she asked to take the quilt that MY great-grandmother pieced and tied for my Great-Uncle Charlie home for repairs. It is a wool quilt, bowtie pattern, that has been hit by fraying fabrics and bug bites. Again, it was made for warmth, not showing off. But, it is special to me.

I also forgot to take a picture of the birthday present from Howard. Oops.

Today I:
did 8 loads of laundry
overdyed my Clapotis (pictures tomorrow)
dyed some yarn with the leftover dye in the pot
dyed some gorgeous grey alpaca
forgot to pick up my knitting or spinning
"discussed" with Howard what I'm going to place the dollhouse upon
and spent a lot of time on the computer.

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