Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Lull Before the Storm

We are supposed to be nailed by snow for the next few days. The ground is already covered by last night's "clear sky" which decorated everything white on top of the ice. Right now, projecting 8-12 inches, but we all know that is anyone's best guess at this point. We'll have a better idea when the storm is over.

I've joined the ranks of Clapotis lovers! While Serena was here, I overdyed a cashmere twin set of hers from grey to -- I thought -- purple. Well, the cardigan is navy, the pullover is dark purple. Okay, we can live with that. They still look as if they go together. It is still here, waiting for darts, so it will fit better. Same dyepot had 2 qiviut scarves, which seemed to come throught the experience wonderfully. Well, there was dye left over, which seems a TERRIBLE waste! So, I had some blue-faced Leicester/alpaca/Shetland which came in a trade. Dyed 5 skeins of it, and the dye hit in various ways across the skeins. So, that will become my Clapotis. Just as an afterthought, I added a strand of gold metallic that Dianne had sent to me, challenging me to see what I could do with it. In the ball, it is gorgeous! We'll see how it knits!

While I'm thinking about it, why does the doorbell ONLY ring when I'm tangled up with yarn? I was winding the first skein (and I did NOT use enough choke ties) and the doorbell rang. Luckily I was in Serena's room, which meant I could hear it. It isn't the loudest bell in the world. In fact, a train whistle in the distance is better able to be heard throughout the house than the doorbell. Anyway, I was untangling. And had to answer the door. Which tangled my mess even more. Could lead a person to frustration! After all, maybe once a week does someone come to the door. Is there a sign that says "Mary's Occupied, ring now!"?

This is my Clapotis yarn.


Anonymous said...

You'll love knitting Clapotis! The blog that sent me over the edge into knitting it was this one:
Scroll down to the December 3rd entry

Mine is coming along pretty quickly even though I get bored on big projects.

fiberfanatic said...

Actually, that's the blog that did me in too! I'm about 8 inches into mine, started it this evening. It is a fast, fun knit. I'm planning on making it wider, but I'll see.

Amie said...

UGH! Stay warm and hopefully snow-free (or at least snow-safe!)

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