Monday, January 03, 2005

Monday Cold!

The stores seem to be about out of ice melt (or so I understand), and we are in for a big snow. How "exciting". I spread a 5# bag on the back stairs and concrete pad, Howard used up almost 50# between our sidewalks and the church's. That is a LOT of salt, but also a LOT of territory to cover. Until the house walks are safe, we are trying to flag the mailman and the paperboy to deliver at the church, so they don't get hurt. Just too slippery!

That being said, we had a UPS delivery today, and the poor man almost lost it just before he got back to his truck! The paper boy slipped across the street, trying to get up a wheelchair ramp. It is just that slick out. The main streets are clear down the center, the side streets haven't had enough traffic to clear them.

Hm, the Lind is starting to pill already. Not a lot, but considering this is only the second day of wear... The leftover yarn will have to be a shawl or something that won't show pills!

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