Sunday, January 16, 2005

Howard's finished sweater. I am HOPING/Praying that there really isn't a difference in dye lots between the 2 cones.
The wash water had a LOT of blue in it, as did the rinses. When it was first laid out to dry, there were splotches where it looked much lighter than the surrounding area. Not sure why, as I don't USE bleach. My asthma doesn't like it. Whatever, I really hope the problem disappears as it dries! This picture was an attempt to see if the colors really varied, but, as it is very difficult to see the v-neck on this side, I don't think it will.

As usual, it was much easier than expected to sew up the hem and the neck. I just needed to DO it. A shame I hadn't done it earlier, as Howard COULD have been wearing it during this freezing cold snap! Oh well.

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