Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Thank Goodness for Knitting! We wound up driving to the doctor again today (about 4 hours all told), and I was able to get up to the underarms on my jacket. Otherwise, I would have been going nuts! Why is it that so many doctors' offices have the tv on, loud, playing soaps during the day? Today, the tv had duct tape on it, so the channels couldn't be changed. So the staff could watch their soaps?

And why do they think it is good to be using "fragranced" "air fresheners"? The one in that office complex is bad enough to cause me to wheeze. I'm surprised the pulmos there haven't complained! Someone on the elevator said that some of the employees like that scent so much, they spray it on themselves! EEK!

The snow is melting. The streets and sidewalks are damp, and it is all because of snow melt. There are city trucks trundling up and down the streets, lopping off broken/bent branches so they don't endanger people. The lawn is strewn with lots of little branches, from the wind the other night.

Today is the type of day that gives you the false sense that spring has arrived. We probably have 2 more months to go before that happens, but it was great today! It might have hit 50! REALLY high, as opposed to the cold temps we had earlier.

I really want to start putting my doll house together, but there is a strong part of me that wants yellow brick. Anyone know, is that period for a Victorian? As that is what I have. Of course, I've not SEEN anyplace that HAS yellow brick either. I guess I rejoice in being different.

Still haven't heard from Serena about the socks transmogrifying into wristers, but she hasn't felt good the last bit. The afghan is staring at me downstairs, I've not gotten further than casting on. STILL have socks that need the toes grafted. hm... with a list like that, perhaps it is time to go to bed!

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Oh a doll house!! Something I have avoided as it could take over my life. There is something about minatures... So - would you like a little rug? For sure a basket of yarn