Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I refuse to look outside!

Okay, the windows upstairs all have been visited by Jack Frost. It is 14 degrees F right now, somewhat miraculous as it was 9 at 4 o'clock. Wind chill is -5F. That means, sitting in the fiber room (here at the computer), I'm cold!There is a lot of snow outside. Supposedly we had 5-6 inches around 10 this morning, and it has continued most of the day. I don't want to go outside to measure. Take my word for it, cold and white fits the situation. Very little traffic outside, most things have been cancelled.

I've spent the day reading, exercising, knitting on Clapotis, and on the computer. I spent a bit of time trying to find progress charts to put on this, to show how I'm coming along on projects -- no luck so far. Checked the knitting bloggers group, no info there that I can find. Oh well.

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