Wednesday, January 19, 2005

It is Wednesday?

Howard's laptop arrived today. I'm going to have to buy a wireless hub so he can get his mail here at home, I think. Rats. I had thought his office was wireless, but they aren't.

Hm, still not started any knitting projects. Too much happening this week? I think I'm at the "I could do...what?" stage. There is this lovely rust/brown Alpaca yarn from Dianne, made in Peru. It is 1325 ypp. So a sportweight. I have 1450 yards...

I have this lovely alpaca (Dianne and I went in to buy this) silver, I'm planning to overdye it rust when the dye arrives (plus the ball bearing for my Susi Spindle -- Thank you WoolRoom! I appreciate your fantastic service!)
It is ALSO 145 yards per skein, she got 6 sts/ 8 rows per inch with it. I have 1595 yards...

What I WANT to knit:
Dale Tuja -- rewrite it for new gauge? Is the alpaca (either one) going to pill too?
Another Lind, as the first one is pilling so badly. rude grumble I have a bunch of Bartlett 4-ply, I'll bet THAT would make a comfortable jacket. Mainly for around the house, I seem to be cold most of the time in winter.

Seriously considering changing Howard's eternal socks into wrist warmers for Serena -- you would wear black long wrist warmers, wouldn't you? Think over-the-calf socks, I've knit to the heel. Wouldn't take too much to "finish" them, and have a long UFO project DONE! Thoughts?

I need ideas -- I have all this wonderful lace-weight yarn. POUNDS of it. Suggestions?

Musing on differences, why is it that most of the men I know, when they need laundry, if they do their own, they don't do anyone else's? Yet every woman I know (please let me know if you know of others who don't fit the pattern) when doing her laundry checks to see if anything else needs to be done.

Just for fun, a post I saw recently, author's name and info is withheld for reasons of privacy:
"I live with people who have the social graces of dead cows, and I believe I'm insulting the cows!"
I have to admit I laughed out loud at that one.

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