Thursday, January 20, 2005

Thursday Thoughts

Setting up a new computer for someone else can be frustrating. 'Nuff said.

I realized part of my frustration with all of the lace weight yarns. Right now, I want to knit, but not with that fine of yarn! Still thinking, but I came up with 3 cones of 2/28 merino from Silk City (ice green and seafoam-- I think) that look great knit together. The darker color has 2 cones, the lighter 1, together they make a light green tweed that will be gorgeous in our bedroom. So, I'm going to make a light-weight afghan -- face it, how heavy can 3 strands of this be! On top of which, I only have 3 pounds total. So, I'll be casting on for that tonight. As in, gauge swatch.

I have some gorgeous lace-weight (2/20) wools from Australia, courtesy of the wonderful Belinda Daniels. We have enriched each other's stash over the years. I'd thought about weaving them into something, but since that is out, I am back to the idea of a lot of lace with it. And it will be MINE, as she picked them out with me in mind (colorwise.)

Then, I put together 2 sport weight yarns, one a brown wool (from Dianne at some unknown time), the other the rust/brown tweed alpaca from Dianne for Christmas. Gauge swatch coming up on that one too! Dianne and I have this odd relationship, we are knit buddies from the knitlist -- have been since 96, I believe. Anyway, we seem to send stash each other's way. After all, we didn't BUY it, but it is new to the other. Actually, Dianne MIGHT have bought this yarn just for me at Christmas... Isn't it nice that we like the same family of colors?

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