Friday, January 14, 2005

Oh Baby, it is COLD outside!

My title says it all -- -6 with a -20 windchill at 9 in the morning.

Second day of wheezing, so no working out today. But I know what caused it, so improvement is in sight. I wonder if there IS an osteoporosis medicine that doesn't cause damage esophagus.

Do you have some words that insist on being consciously spelled? There are some that nimbly jump off my fingers onto the page. Others need close attention to get out correctly. Some, alas, almost always come out wrong, and need to be corrected. I do not know why my fingers insist on typing "teh" instead of the. But they do. They don't resent then or there. What is their hangup with teh?

My Lind is so comfortable, but pilling. I want to make another, out of sturdier wool. Suggestions? 3.5 sts an inch. Thought of the wool on Elann, Gjestal Naturgarn No. 1, it looks as if it is a lot like Lopi or Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. I need to check Wiseneedle. Just did, Thank you Kim! and good reviews. One said not immediately next to the skin, but hey, that's what long sleeved turtlenecks are for!

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Anonymous said...

Hello from the North (...ok, Mpls. isn't THAT much north of you)! We are FREEZING too! Last time I checked, it was -12. I don't even know the windchill. At some point, it is just cold, and you just can't feel the difference between -20 and -40. Happy knitting!