Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Ice, Snow!

Yesterday afternoon the ice started falling. Okay, it wasn't ice, it was rain, that froze as it landed. In other words, SLICK! Today we were supposed to get nailed by it, fortunately it decided we aren't THAT interested, and hit further south. So, instead of 1/2" of further ice, then 2 inches of snow, the weatherpeople are kind of scratching their heads going, "we think we're still going to get some ice, then snow, but we aren't sure." Schools all around are closed, they stayed open here.

This week I exercised for 159 minutes, going 10.5 miles on a Gazelle Edge. I'm listening to Anne McCaffrey's "Gift of Dragons" as I do, because just exercising without listening is boring. I'm sure I'll go through other books, next on the list are the Jasper Fforde "Tuesday Next" series, for pure giggles. Right now, as a personal encouragement to work, I don't listen unless I'm exercising. Takes a LONG time to get through a book! But, if I start listening while knitting, will I get on the machine? Probably. Actually, I get more knitting done while I listen to a book, instead of reading it. Hm... I would like to finish Clapotis, it has hit the stage of "won't this EVER get done?" Almost finished with 3rd skein, which seems to be smaller than the others. 2 more skeins, and I'm out of yarn. rats. This row marks the 7th dropped stitch out of the first 13.

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