Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Final totals for 2004

I forgot, when I made the list of completed items in 2004, to finish off the information.

I have been keeping an Excel spreadsheet for my yarns. So:

at the start of 2004, I had 45.94 pounds of yarn.
I added I used up 58# (knitted, wove, sold, or gave away)
At the start of 2005, I had 76.11 pounds of yarn. Now, since this was a tremendously DECREASED purchase year, I have to figure several things:
  1. I screwed up somewhere in my figures
  2. A lot of that came in earlier, but wasn't logged in
  3. I don't know where a lot of this came from! LOL
  4. Stuff left, and wasn't logged out

So, I started 2005 with a clean/er slate. I know I had 76.11 pounds logged in when the year started. The things that came in before the end of the year (there aren't that many, but Dianne is to blame!) are being logged in and considered to be THIS year. Hopefully, that means I can get the record straight. Although, I do know there are yarns that left last year, that didn't get logged out. That means I need to pull out my trusty scale, and weigh sock yarns. Eventually.

This house is COLD! So I've given up and brought an afghan upstairs, to throw over my legs while I'm on the computer. Now, if I could warm up the REST of my body!

Dishwasher is repaired! Yes! One of those intermittent problems that was driving me nuts. One time it worked. The next, the water didn't circulate and baked all the dirt on. Next 2 times it worked... You get the idea. Drove the repairman nuts for a while too, until he could figure it out. A valve was on its way out, not enough to fail constantly, but enough to be a problem.

Howard's new laptop (work provided it) is here. I'm being good, he can unwrap it. Then I'll check it out.

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